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04 Strength: Est. 2017

04 strength started in 2017 by David and Lizi Riley.  Their shared love of sport and fitness was evident the day they met.  Both David and Lizi played sports in high school and college including time at The University of Southern Mississippi and The University of Texas.  Once married, the two started coaching together at Austin High School at the helm of the softball program in 2006.  This duo has coached together ever since.  In 2011, when transitioning from sport to fitness,  the Rileys were fortunate to join one of the most elite and progressive gyms in Austin, Crossfit Central.  Coaching, training, and most importantly learning from Jeremy, Carey, Lisa, and many others in Austin was a crucial step for David and Lizi.
The Rileys moved to Kerrville in 2015 and continued sharing fitness with friends and family.  The growing interest lead to opening of the first stand alone gym. 04 Strength, The 04, was established.  The first space was a little over 900 sq. ft.  Workouts quickly grew in number and variability.  The 04 out grew its space in the first year leading to it's first move.  After 2 years in that location, The 04 need another upgrade. You can now find 04 Strength located on Highway 27 in Kerrville just across from the Yogi Bear Camp grounds.
David and Lizi Riley

Founders of 04 Strength

Health and Fitness have been at the center of our lifestyle since meeting one another in 2004 (part of the meaning behind 04 Strength).  We have built our family around daily exercise and fitness, and encourage a healthy lifestyle for our children. Now our goal is to build a community through the sharing of our experiences and knowledge in order to form lasting relationships through health and fitness. We believe it is important to take action by motivating people in our community to increase the quality of life. 

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