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Classes take place at our 04 Strength facility and focus on using nontraditional training models to build strength and conditioning while placing an emphasis on form and technique to provide each client with safe and efficient movements.

One of the best things about 04 Strength is that every workout is scalable to each individual’s fitness level, so whether you’re a serious athlete or working out for the first time, 04 Strength is for you.  In other words, it’s you against the workout—you get to decide exactly how intense your workout will be.

O4 Strength will be involved with each and every member on a personal level, from body measurements, benchmark testing, individual goal setting, nutritional approaches, and specific coaching points.  04 Strength will be with you through every step of your Fitness revolution.

You can expect to get in the best shape of your life with 04 Strength’s programming and commitment.  You can also expect to get better core strength and a tighter backside, as well as functional strength, mobility, and agility, that apply to sports and everyday life. You will also have access to nutritional guidance to help meet your individual wellness goals.

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